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This edition of the User's Guide covers Flying Logic version 4.0 and later.

The 3.0 Documentation is Still Available!

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This is the Version 3.0 Documentation!

⚠️ This note will be moved to the FL 3 docs when these docs are published.

If you have Flying Logic version 4, use the menu in the upper left corner of the documentation site to switch to the correct documentation.

New Features in Flying Logic 4.0

These features are marked 🆕 NEW IN 4.0. For the full list of changes including bug fixes, see Version History on the main Flying Logic web site.

  • Auto-Recovery: When Flying Logic is exited with documents still open, they are automatically saved and restored again when the application is next launched. This includes when the user chooses the Quit command, and the rare occasions when the application exits unexpectedly due to a bug or system failure.

Save your work and keep backups!

Auto-Recovery is not a substitute for regularly saving and backing up your work: you are responsible for making sure you avoid unintended data loss.

  • Multi-Line Entity Titles: Entity titles can now explicitly have multiple lines. To start a new line type ALT-Enter (Option-Enter on Mac).

  • Fine-grained selection operations in the Edit menu: Select Path Between, Select All Successors, Select All Predecessors, Select Successors and Select Predecessors.

  • Quick drag to create entity: Create a new successor or predecessor entity by a new simple drag gesture starting from any existing entity.

  • Colors Domain: A new "Colors" domain has replaced the old "General" domain. Flying Logic 3 docs loaded into Flying Logic 4 have any entities with Generic and Note entity classes are converted to White and Yellow classes, respectively.

  • Enhanced Find: The Find command will now successfully locates text in titles and annotations with multiple lines.

  • More Ways to Select Neighbors: The previous "Select Successors/Predecessors" commands have been renamed "Select All Successors/Predecessors" and the new "Select Successor/Predecessor" commands select only the very next successor (or predecessor) of the selected elements. This allows you to highlight flow paths incrementally.

  • Find the path between two selected entities: The Select Paths Between Entities command will find all the ways it's possible to traverse from the first selected entity to the second.

  • New Default Classes: The "Effects-Based Planning" domain contains two new entity classes: Critical Success Factor and Necessary Condition, which are particularly useful for Goal Trees.

  • Retina Icons: All the icons in the app have been given a refresh and appear in high resolution on retina displays.

  • Manage Your Subscription Details: The new Help ➡ Edit Your Profile command opens a web page that lets you update your contact and billing information.

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