📖Reader Mode

Everyone in your team or organization can benefit from Flying Logic— even without a subscription!

You Don't Need a Subscription to Open and Read Flying Logic Documents

Once Flying Logic's free trial period expires, to continue using all its features you must either:

  • For individuals and teams, become a subscriber and enter a subscriber e-mail and password, or

  • For enterprises, enter an organization name and registration key.

However, if you only want to open, read, and explore Flying Logic documents sent to you by others, or open documents you created in the past without a subscription, you can simply let the trial period expire, and then Flying Logic will be in Reader Mode.

In Reader Mode you can open Flying Logic documents, scroll through them, change display modes, collapse and uncollapse groups, and change confidence spinners and even export or print the document. But any attempts to actually modify or save the document will be met with a friendly reminder to purchase a license for the whole product.

If you have any difficulty in activating your subscription, please email us at support@flyinglogic.com and we'll help out!

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